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Батман / Butmun

Сосуды деревянные для хранения мёдаБатман

Батман – долбленый сосуд со вставным дном и крышкой. Служил для перевозки и хранения меда. Раньше батман служил определенной мерой емкости или веса, в начале же ХХ века этим именем называли сосуд вместимостью около пуда меда.


Bashkir honey is not just a sweet treat, but the genuine pride of the Republic of Bashkortostan. It’s a dessert served to Kings and Astronauts.  It’s a brand famous all over the world. The Bashkir bee is one of the republic’s unofficial symbols. Bashkortostan is the only place, where honey is produced by wild hive bees.

“Butmun” is a gouged vessel with a fixed bottom and a lid. It was used for storing and carrying honey. Formerly “Butmun” was a particular measure of capacity or mass, but in the early 20th century this name was used for a vessel with a capacity of approximately 16.38 kg of honey (1 pood).